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Anika Seitu, founder of Bmore Glam Inc, is a freelance wig designer and hairstylist for film, theater, and print. A licensed cosmetologist since 2001, the Baltimore native attended Depaul University in 2009 to continue her education in wig making and is an active member of IATSE Local 798. Anika specializes in theatrical hair design and HMU dept coordination. 


Constantly evolving as a hair stylist, Ms. Seitu has toured nationally and internationally with numerous musicals and has also worked on several films and tv shows such as Joker 2, Miranda's Victim, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Now, expanding her resume with Hair & Makeup Design, Anika's design credits include King Arthur & Henri VIII for Bard's Summerscape, The Passion of Mary Cardwell Dawson performed at the John F Kennedy Center in Washington DC, as well as the world premiere of  Watch Night debuted at the Perlman Center for Performing Arts at the World Trade Center.

Anika Seitu: HMU Designer
Behind the Scences: Stranger Things

For over 18 years, Anika has worked in various positions as a hairstylist with some of the most well-known artists and designers in the business. She mastered the daily schedules and demands of the fast-paced life on tour, provided essential support as an assistant, as well as navigated the challenges of a supervisor, and coordinated wig departments, all of which have allowed her intimate knowledge of each position.

As a stylist, Anika's passion is creating and keeping an eye on what's new in the industry. Well-versed in wig construction and maintenance, period styling, numerous extension methods, and ethnic textures she is indeed a true asset to any production.

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